About Us

The Mission

What if church were more about relationship than religion? More about ministry than meeting places? What if the church of today was restored to look and act like it did in the New Testament? Not just in doctrine, but in lifestyle, sacrifice, and boldness in proclaiming the gospel? Then we could see the fruit of the church we read about in the Bible; saved souls, transformed lives, and the whole world being changed through the power of God. This is what we are passionately praying about and striving toward. God is just as powerful today as he was 2,000 years ago.

The church you read about in the New Testament was used by God to change the world. Their lives were radically changed and the world was affected for God's glory. We want to see God move in those kinds of ways again in our day. God has put a vision in the hearts of a few people who have a passion for Jesus to change our lives so we can be used to change others' lives.


Ultimate Impact's CEO (Chief Evangelism Officer)

For over 30 years, Barry Hendrick has worked with teens, college students, and adults as an evangelist, teacher, preacher, pastor, worship leader, and mentor. His style is compassionate, but bold; relational but challenging; and he is always helping to facilitate the growth of people by helping them discover their “next steps” to get closer to God.

Barry’s heart for world missions has led him to serve as a teacher and evangelist on short term mission trips to Grenada, Romania, Albania, and Panama. He has also planted churches in New Orleans, Birmingham, and Denver. He currently serves as chair of the board of Bread of Life African Ministry (BOLAM) which serves underprivileged and vulnerable children in Uganda. Barry is also a certified life coach. He uses these skills to help people to reach their spiritual goals, to achieve greater personal effectiveness, and helps disciples move to greater maturity and fruitfulness.

Barry believes that his greatest life work is calling people to take and live out the Ultimate Impact challenge.