The 4 "M"s

The Four M's

To have the Ultimate Impact, we must first make sure our lives are surrended to Jesus and we have made a commitment to live our lives like His. He spent about 3 years in his ministry from baptism to ascension. During those three years, he began making the ultimate impact on this world. Looking at his life, he primarily changed the world through changing individual lives, starting with his closest friends. His mission could be summmarized in four "M's". Making, Mentoring, Maturing, and Multiplying disciples.


Making Disciples
(Matthew 28:18-19)

When Jesus began His Earthly ministry, He chose and called a few men to be with Him. These men followed Him throughout His ministry and learned His ways, His mindset and His heart. By following Jesus, their lives were radically transformed and were later used by God to transform the world around them. While he taught his disciples a lot, he showed us that discipleship is more "caught" more than "taught". The church’s methods today are often program-oriented and miss out on the original, simple, relational plan Jesus used. Advertising specialists will tell you that the best advertising is by word of mouth. This is the only way Jesus spread the gospel message. Men were Jesus’ method. Certainly we cannot improve on the Master’s plan. The problem often comes when we spend most of our time doing good things but neglect to do the best thing. Either we spread ourselves too thin with our time or we are not focused on what is most important; Discipling a few people into following Jesus with all their hearts.


Mentoring Disciples
(Proverbs 27:17)

Mentoring group – A mentoring group is made up of 2-5 Christians of the same gender who meet together regularly (preferably weekly and face-to-face) for the express purpose of encouraging and equipping each other for greater usefulness in their Christian lives.

A mentoring group may serve many purposes. Some spend most of their time in prayer for pre-Christians in their sphere of influence. Some hold each other accountable for spiritual disciplines. Some practice refining their people skills or outreach skills. But all help each other keep their commitment to the Ultimate Impact Challenge.

What does a mentoring group look like? Sometimes it looks like a few best friends getting together for breakfast or lunch once a week. Find some way to prioritize your schedule so that you get some good “face to face” time. Soon we will have resources available to offer your mentoring group, but in the mean time realize that the person is always the curriculum anyway. As you get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better, trust God to give you insight and boldness to challenge and encourage each other in specific ways to be more effective. This takes a healthy relationship to work right. But you’ll find that as you “get in the game” of mentoring, God will reveal to you learning opportunities (sometimes called “mistakes” or “experience”). That’s exactly what happened with Jesus and the twelve during his earthly ministry. The more experience you get, the better equipped you will be for even greater usefulness in the Kingdom.

The purpose of mentoring is life-change. With your commitment, a friend’s love, and God’s guidance, your mentoring relationship will forge a Christlikeness in you that you have never encountered.


Maturing Disciples
(Colossians 1:28-29)

Maturity happens best in mentoring groups going through life together. It has been said that it takes two ships to get to the destination of maturity; hardships and relationships. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sign up for the hardship journey. It comes with the package (called life). But we do need to get into intentional relationships which draw out the best in us. This is where the mentoring relationships come in.

Each one of us needs a best friend who also holds the values of Christ as their highest calling and will covenant with us to help us be the best Christ-follower we can be. The process of maturity moves so much faster when we are intentional about being equipped for life and our calling. The apostle Paul stated his mission statement in Colossians and said he wanted to present everyone perfect in Christ. WOW! What a mission. So if we want to follow a dream that big we have to see people the way Jesus sees them. In God’s eyes people are either lost or saved. Jesus looked at crowds and saw them as helpless and harassed like sheep without a shepherd. For those who aren’t in Christ, we want to get them into Christ. For those who are in Christ but are not yet perfect (that’s everyone else) we want to make them more like Christ. Let’s be intentional about maturity.


Multiplying Disciples
(2 Timothy 2:2)

As Paul was instructing Timothy, he gave him a vision for passing the Christian torch on to the next generation. We see four spiritual generations just in 2 Timothy 2:2. The Ultimate Impact Challenge starts with a very micro view yet with a macro vision. The micro view begins with you and those in your sphere of influence. Win one person and then help mentor and mature them to lead someone in their sphere of influence to Christ. But after a few short years, you’ll find that you are not only multiplying disciples, but now small groups. Your mentoring group will need to multiply. Eventually these disciples will become so mission minded that new churches can be started and eventually church planting movements will begin.

Isn’t that what happened in the New Testament. The church grew so fast that they had to meet in the temple courts AND from house to house. The church grew until it’s message saturated the culture and caused a persecution which scattered the disciples and new churches were formed. Apostolic leaders were led by God to go on missionary journeys and the message of Jesus was spread to the whole world in one generation.

God is no less powerful today. But who will take up the call to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and open their lives up for radical change? There is no limit to what God can do with people who are committed to his Son, his message and his world.