Making Disciples

After deciding to take the Ultimate Impact Challenge, prayerfully discern who is in your sphere of influence that God may be wanting you to reach out to. Here is a good process of getting you started.


There are several steps that need to happen in the conversion process, some of which are crucial, others are strongly preferred. As you look at your effectiveness in your own outreach, see if you can do some troubleshooting as you look through this process.

  1. Meet the person.
    -You already know some people who need to know Jesus and become His wholly devoted follower.


    -Make a “FRAN” list or a “soul list” of people you want to reach and pray for them daily. We recommend you list as many people as you can on your FRAN list and then narrow down to the 5 who are most open and pray for them daily. Look for opportunities to have conversations with them that "test the waters" for their openness to spiritual conversations. Also pray for "divine appointments" and keep your eyes open for new people God may have you cross paths with and be ready for God to bring new potential disciples into your life. 
  2. Invite the person to your small group, devotional, church service, or outreach event.
    -Let them know there is nothing to fear:
    They won’t be embarrassed or put on the spot and they won’t be asked tough questions.
    It will not be intimidating.
    -If they say “no”, be lovingly persistent:
    Keep praying for them.
    Don’t wear them out or nag about it.
    Be aware of changes in their lives that God might be using to open them up.
    Invite them to church services also.
  3. Befriend the person.
    -Spend time with them in a neutral place.
    -Have them into your home and spend time with them at their home.
    -Be genuinely concerned with their life & find someone in the church with similar
    interests to befriend them.
  4. Help them to get to know others in your group.
    -Net fish rather than angle.
    -The more relationships they build with Christians, the better their chances of coming to and keeping their faith.
    -Don’t look at them as “my” or “your” visitor.
  5. Ask them to study the Bible with you.
    -Make a golden opportunity rather than waiting on one.
    -If they have a religious question, say, “That’s a good question. Could we get together sometime and see what the Bible has to say about that? When would be a good time for you?”
    -Ask them how they liked the small group meeting and offer to have an individual study with them.
    -Say, “I really want you to have the best relationship with God you can. Studying the Bible helps me. Could we do that together sometime soon?”
  6. Share the good news of Jesus and your life with them.
    -Learn the Foundational Studies provided by Ultimate Impact and go over them with the person.
  7. Guide them to a point where they can make an informed decision about following Jesus.
    -Find out and break down barriers to following Jesus.
    -Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Most people want to work through the guilt of their past.
    -Tell them about your conversion experience and what it meant to you.
    -Tell them of the grace that is offered them.
    -Count the cost of following Jesus and the cost of not following Jesus.

Continue to study with them to bring them to maturity.
-Continue to help them work through their difficulties.
-Pray with them and for them on a regular basis.
-Teach them to obey everything that Jesus taught us.