Maturing Disciples

Maturity happens best in mentoring groups. It has been said that it takes two ships to get to the destination of maturity; hardships and relationships. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sign up for the hardship journey. It comes with the package (called life). But we do need to get into intentional relationships which draw out the best in us. This is where the mentoring relationships come in.

Each one of us needs a best friend who also holds the values of Christ as their highest calling and will covenant with us to help us be the best Christ-follower we can be. The process of maturity moves so much faster when we are intentional about being equipped for life and our calling. The apostle Paul gave us his mission statement in Colossians and said he wanted to "present everyone perfect in Christ". WOW! What a mission! For those who aren’t in Christ, we want to get them into Christ. For those who are in Christ but are not yet perfect (that’s everyone else) we want to make them more like Christ.

So if we want to follow a dream that big we have to see people the way Jesus sees them. In God’s eyes people are either lost or saved. Jesus looked at crowds and saw them as helpless and harassed like sheep without a shepherd. Let’s be intentional about maturity.