Mentoring Disciples

Mentoring group – A mentoring group is made up of two to five Christians of the same gender who meet together regularly (preferably weekly) for the express purpose of maturing and equipping each other for greater usefulness in their Christian lives.

A mentoring group may serve many purposes. Some spend most of their time in prayer for pre-Christians in their sphere of influence. Some hold each other accountable for spiritual disciplines. Some practice refining their people skills or evangelism skills. But all help each other keep their commitment to the Ultimate Impact Challenge.

What does a mentoring group look like? Sometimes it looks like a few best friends getting together for breakfast or lunch once a week. Find some way to prioritize your schedule so that you get some good “face to face” time. Soon we will have resources available to offer your mentoring group, but in the mean time realize that the person is always the curriculum anyway. As you get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better, trust God to give you insight and boldness to challenge and encourage each other in specific ways to be more effective. This takes a healthy relationship to work right. But you’ll find that as you “get in the game” of evangelizing, God will reveal to you learning opportunities (sometimes called “mistakes” or “experience”). That’s exactly what happened with Jesus and the twelve during his earthly ministry. The more experience you get, the better equipped you will be for even greater usefulness in the Kingdom.

The purpose of mentoring is life-change. With your commitment, a friend’s love and God’s guidance, your mentoring relationship will forge a Christlikeness in you that you have never encountered.