Multiplying Disciples

As Paul was instructing Timothy, he gave him a vision for passing the Christian torch on to the next generation. We see four spiritual generations just in 2 Timothy 2:2. The Ultimate Impact Challenge starts with a very micro view yet with a macro vision. The micro view begins with you and those in your sphere of influence. I will win one person and then help mentor and mature them to lead someone in their sphere of influence to Christ. But after a few short years, you’ll find that you are not only multiplying disciples, but now small groups. Your mentoring group will need to multiply. Eventually these disciples will become so mission-minded that new churches can be started and eventually church planting movements will begin.

Isn’t that what happened in the New Testament? The church grew so fast that they had to meet in the temple courts AND from house to house. The church grew until it’s message saturated the culture and caused a persecution which scattered the disciples and new churches were formed. Apostolic leaders were led by God to go on missionary journeys and the message of Jesus was spread to the whole world in one generation.

God is no less powerful today. But who will take up the call to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and open their lives up for radical change? There is no limit to what God can do with people who are committed to his Son, his mission and his world.