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Team Members - We are currently looking for a core team of faithful Christians who will be a part of our 4-M challenge; Make, Mentor, Mature, and Multiply disciples. We are looking for Christ-followers who are serious about serving, leading, and being vessels for God to work through so that the lost get saved, the hungry get fed, the wanderers find purpose, and God gets the glory. If you are a Christian who is willing to make a difference in seeing the gospel spread, souls saved, and lives changed, contact us through the "Team Member" form. There will be qualifications for our core team members, because “like reproduces after like” and we want to be healthy so we can grow healthy. We are looking for disciples who are humble, close to God, have a history of promoting unity, harmony and fruitfulness, are excited about the adventure of making disciples, and have a heart for reaching the unreached.

Contact us about becoming a "Team Member."


Financial Donors– It takes financial resources to accomplish a great mission. Would you like to help by offering a one-time donation or a monthly gift? We always pledge good management of resources that God provides us through donors. Your donation helps keep all our resources free for people to use.

You may contact us about financial support by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .