Take the Challenge


 The Ultimate Impact Challenge


Reach the World in One Generation


Yes, I am ready to deny myself, take up my cross, change my priorities and rearrange my schedule. I will do whatever I can to win at least one person a year to Jesus and pour my life into helping that person lead one person the next year and pass on the vision. I am ready to do this now or to be trained as I go along with someone while learning to do this within the next few months.



If you take the Ultimate Impact Challenge, you are taking a challenge to become a continuously maturing disciple who is committed to doing whatever it takes to make and mature other disciples until the world is won for Jesus. In order to help facilitate this kind of growth, you are also encouraged to take the time to develop your spiritual life in the following ways:

  • Reprioritize your schedule so that you can attend weekly mentoring meetings with others who have taken the challenge in your church or area. Learn from others by various means (Ultimate Impact conferences, books, seminars, podcasts, videos, etc.) who are effective at disciple-making.
    • In these meetings, discover and meet each others’ needs for developing life skills necessary for having a maturing relationship with God, the church, and the lost (prayer, Bible study, confession, time management, money management, motivation, people skills, etc.). Remember: You can’t lead where you won’t go and you can’t show what you don’t know.
    • Be voluntarily accountable to the others in your group.
  • Make a concentrated effort to lead pre-Christians through the process of conversion.
  • As you are making disciples, help those disciples to make other disciples and instill in them the vision of the great commission to which Jesus has called all his disciples. At an appropriate time in their spiritual walk, invite them to take the Ultimate Impact Challenge as well.