Mentoring relationships are the foundation and primary growth vehicle of this ministry. When Jesus wanted to reach the world, he chose twelve men to pour his life into and taught them everything they could learn to apply in three years. Those men eventually changed the world because their lives had been changed. He didn't teach them in a class room. He chose them to "be with him" and learn who he was, not just what he did. They, in turn, lived out his message in their spheres of influence and God caused a movement of disciples to spread around the world. We strongly believe that authentic, open relationships are the best catalyst for spiritual growth.

Our vision is to be a biblically functioning community of believers who make, mentor, mature, and multiply disciples so that Christ’s purposes can be accomplished in this world through us, thereby bringing glory to God.

We will accomplish this vision by being a ministry without borders. In this age of technology, we are not limited by geography in the ways we have been in the past. Mentoring and coaching can happen between people on different continents. We will facilitate mentoring groups (2-5 people), house churches (6-15 people), and churches (enough groups in a particular area to be an effective church community) worldwide wherever commited Christians will gather.

Our mission is to lead spiritual seekers to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ in every area of life, grow in loving fellowship with one another, and multiply disciples. Simply stated, we are reaching upward to God, inward to one another, and outward to those who are far from God.